The best ways to roll your own Cigars

Knowing how to make your own Garcia Vega cigars will give you more control over the paper, the type of tobacco and the size of the cigar. You can make them by hand or use a rolling pin to love cigars. You only need cigarette paper, loose tobacco leaves, a little dexterity and time to practice.

Choose the type of cigarette paper: Use thin rice or wheat paper that has a standard or large size. You should tear the paper to size (a solid and versatile initial shape is usually wide and square). You can buy cigarette paper online, in grocery stores, in marijuana dispensaries and in tobacco shops.

  • Look for papers that burn slowly and evenly. Look for ones that contain few chemical additives, as some produce a bad taste when burned. Consider some brands such as the natural hemp smoking papers RAW as well as Zig-Zag.
  • If you plan to always carry smoking papers with you, get a protector for them. Put them in a metal case to prevent them from bending or tearing. You can improvise a case with an empty container of mints or chewing gum.
  • Take additional papers. Adhesive strips torn from additional paper are excellent for repairing rips, leaks and holes.

Buy loose sheets of tobacco: You can go to the tobacco shop in your locality to look for a wide range of options or find a bag of tobacco to make Garcia Vega cigars. Look for a tobacco that contains few chemical additives. You can buy a natural tobacco or one with flavor, depending on your taste.

  • Consider common, usually economic, brands such as Bali Shag and American Spirit.
  • You can also make clove cigarettes. All you have to do is mix crushed cloves with the tobacco. Generally, clove cigarettes contain a proportion of between 60 to 70% of tobacco and 30 to 40% of cloves.
  • Some people like to make their cigars with pipe tobacco. Feel free to do so if you wish, but keep in mind that pipe tobacco is generally longer and more humid than that used for Cigars. Therefore, it could be compressed very densely and may not burn as well in a cigar. If you want to use tobacco pipe, try to cut it in a finer way and dry it before placing it in the cigar.

Give shape to tobacco: Spread the tobacco evenly on the surface and then use a card or fingers to give the pile the shape of a cigar. Choose a smooth and well-lit surface, such as a mirror, a book, a countertop or a clean table. If you do not want to put tobacco directly on a surface, cover it with a clean sheet of white paper.

Rest one end of the cigarette paper between your thumb and middle fingers: Hold the paper in the crease using your index finger of the same hand. Use the other hand to adjust the paper and form an open and wrinkled gutter. Hold it firmly so that the tobacco does not overflow.

Fill the fold with tobacco: Use your free hand to squeeze the tobacco and spread it gently along the fold of the paper. Go from one end to the other, starting with the one you are holding. Transfer the rest of the stack of tobacco located on the work surface to the paper. You can make the cigar thicker or thinner according to your preference. The main thing to keep in mind is if you can seal the cigar and how well you can smoke it. The thicker the cigar, the harder it is to close it and the more densely you compress the tobacco, the harder it is to suck the smoke through it.

By these above points you can roll your own cigars.

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