How to Make Dried Mango

Dried mangoes. Is there anything better? I don’t know. I recall when my companion originally acquainted me with dried mangoes during graduate school. She constrained me to eat one (unpleasant, I know), and I was snared. Shockingly, I realized that these little locally acquired diamonds were not the marvelous wellbeing sustenance that the bundle naming might want me to accept. While a short fixing rundown (just three things), two of them were as yet suspect:



Sulfer Dioxide

The sugar part wouldn’t be the more terrible thing on the planet for an infrequent bite in the event that it weren’t the handled, potentially GMO assortment. Not a chance. No way.

What’s more, sulfer dioxide? Despite the fact that it’s permitted by the FDA as an additive… um, investigating its profile wouldn’t make me like to ingest it. Ever.A better dried mango formula

I was watchful for a superior dried mango formula. Also, I discovered one! It’s basic and yummy. A major gratitude to Cooking God’s Way for the formula thought. It’s great. Truth be told, when I initially made these I advised my significant other he needed to hold on to attempt them. They got done with drying just before I hit the hay and I needed to snatch a couple photographs when the light was great the next day. I guaranteed he could have some later.

All things considered, I took my photographs the following day while the centers was off doing some work. Furthermore, I don’t know what happened on the grounds that when he got back they were no more! (Abnormal. *burp*).

Obviously, I made these in my helpful dehydrator. Simply one more motivation behind why I adore this kitchen contraption.




4 – 5 ready mangoes

1 Tbs crude nectar

1/4 glass lemon juice


Blend nectar and lemon squeeze in a little bowl. Blend until the nectar is broken down.

Strip and cut mangoes into little even strips.

Dunk each strip into the lemon/nectar blend, shake off any overabundance. Spot on dehydrator sheets.

Get dried out for 10 – 12 hours at 135 degrees. (I’d begin checking around 8 or 9 hours. Times will fluctuate dependent on mugginess levels. Mine took around 11 hours.)

Reward: How to strip your mango

Some of the time mangoes can be difficult to cut. Here is a snappy picture instructional exercise on the most proficient method to prepare your mango strips for dried mango yum.

1. Cut off the finishes (only a smidgen!) so you have a tough base to work with:

2. Cautiously cut away a the slim layer of external strip.

3. Cut your pieces, keeping the size reliable. Simply continue moving around the mango until you begin getting to the stringy center. At that point stop.

The end.

Simple, isn’t that so?

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