Stopping Type 2 Diabetes and obesity

I have viewed numerous disastrous stories on youtube about youngsters with fatal sicknesses that in the long run end the life of these little kids and the guardians a larger number of times than not ask why God ended the life of my little kid. I have been investigating this inquiry and what I have found is extremely annoying.

So far I have discovered that God has given man fixes to numerous ailments the issue is that man is greedy to the point that man would prefer to keep the fix mystery and profit and watch while your friends and family pass on. God says that man has a corrupt nature and is normally malevolent. I can’t consider much else malicious than this.

I continue finding out about every one of the advances in present day drug today and about how we are greatly improved off today than we were 50 years back. I would concur with this announcement to the extent the advances in awful medication is concerned yet the end result for the remainder of the business?

The last malady that was restored as far as anyone is concerned was polio route back in 1953. I prefer not to blast anybody’s air pocket however that was 65 years back! What has the medicinal calling up to throughout the previous 65 years? It looks to me that the present restorative calling is more worried about selling extravagant medications than relieving anyone of anything.

In 2001 my better half was determined to have a greasy liver, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, hypertension and discouragement. Throughout the previous sixteen years the therapeutic specialists have put my better half on around twelve unique meds. The expense of these drugs to the insurance agency came to over $3,000 every month or $36,000 per year.

She would shoot up two unique kinds of insulin daily in addition to take three distinct pills for her sort two diabetes. She would take one pill daily for her hypothyroidism, three pills for her sadness and another three pills for her hypertension.

It appeared at whatever point we would go to the specialist we could add another pill to our group of medications. Following sixteen years of this I chose I would investigate this myself on the grounds that after this time and cash my significant other wasn’t feeling any superior to when we originally went to the specialist sixteen years prior.

Whenever my significant other went to the specialist I went with her. I began from the earliest starting point of my better half’s inconveniences and asked the specialist what had been done to dispose of her greasy liver. Her specialist revealed to me that there’s nothing they could accomplish for a greasy liver there was no enchantment pill. Since all her therapeutic issues started with a greasy liver I figured this was a decent spot to begin my examination.

I have heard numerous individuals ridicule the web yet as long as you “think about the source” there are some savvy individuals showing medication for nothing. I tuned in to 90 minutes address by Robert H. Lustig MD, UCSF Professor in the division of endocrinology. The program I tuned in to was designated “Sugar the Bitter Truth.” Towards the finish of his address he referenced that apple juice vinegar breaks down the fat from the liver.

We utilized one tablespoon of Braggs Organic apple juice vinegar in eight ounces of refined water once in the first part of the day and once at night. I realized it would require some investment to break down the fat from her liver since she has had this condition for more than sixteen years. After around a quarter of a year she began getting in shape and felt increasingly vivacious.

My significant other utilized the apple juice vinegar for barely a year and went from 153 pounds to 118 pounds. We at that point went to her specialist and planned more blood tests. Subsequent to conversing with her specialist I asked him how her liver test scored and her specialist disclosed to us that she never again had a greasy liver and her blood tests returned the ordinary range.

With my significant other’s liver presently back to ordinary we began investigating approaches to stop my better half’s sort 2 diabetes. I was viewing on youtube a specialist named Dr. Jason Fung. Dr Fung moved on from the University of Toronto and he is right now rehearsing medication at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles.

Dr. Fung has a few projects on youtube and I tuned in to the greatest number of as I could discover. Dr Fung was stating that the present medicinal foundation is treating type 2 diabetes all off-base. He said that giving a diabetic insulin would be equivalent to giving a heavy drinker liquor to fix his liquor addiction. He likewise said that the insulin keeps your body from consuming fat so the more insulin you take the fatter you get. Dr Fung additionally says that diabetes is a dietetic issue that can be adjusted with the best possible eating routine.

On July 7 2018 my significant other went on Dr Fung’s low carb, high fat eating routine. quickly she quit infusing the two sorts of insulin she utilized day by day and after around five weeks she quit taking her diabetic pills. (Invokana, Januvia and Lisinopril).

When she previously went on the low carb, high fat eating routine we would test her glucose levels three times each day. The standard guideline we utilized was if her glucose tried around 150 we were happy with that. We saw on this eating routine that her sugar levels bit by bit began descending. At the point when her sugar levels hit in the 130’s she would dispense with one of her pills. At the point when her dimension reliably hit the 120’s she would then dispense with another pill.

It took barely three months for my significant other to be totally off every last bit of her diabetic drug. Dr Fung says that the more you have had diabetes the more it will take to be totally off the diabetes medication. My significant other was a diabetic for more than sixteen years.

In view of the weight reduction she no longer needs her three prescriptions for hypertension. Her circulatory strain is reliably around 110 more than 70. Since she never again takes insulin she no longer needs her prescription for hypothyroidism. All in all, If you know anyone with sort two diabetes have them go to youtube and type in “Dr. Jason Fung” and pursue his recommendation.

Likewise in the event that you realize anyone that is over weight and can’t get the weight off let them know it’s most likely because of a greasy liver. The sustenance business would have you trust this is because of a lot of fat in your eating routine. False! The fact of the matter is being over weight is because of sugar in your eating regimen.

Dr Fung says that your digestion can either consume sugar as vitality or it can consume fat for vitality. That is the reason the high fat, low carb diet works. When you cut out the sugar from your eating routine your body will at that point begin to consume the fat as fuel.

Dr Lustig of “sugar the harsh truth” clarifies it along these lines. When you eat sustenance that contains sugar your liver quits handling the nourishment and dedicates every one of its assets to preparing the sugar. Your liver at that point quits handling the nourishment and transforms the sustenance into fat.

Sugar has additionally been demonstrated to cause malignant growth. In 1968 there was an examination done where the scientists put mice on a sucrose diet. Over a large portion of the mice created disease. That review at that point was immediately hushed. you can discover this examination by composing in the google bar “sugars cause malignancy”.

I trust whoever needs this counsel utilizes it and doesn’t surrender since what I composed works and is reality.

The following restorative issue we are chipping away at is my significant other’s sadness, She is right now taking three meds for this. I’ll tell you how it works out.

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